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Arabian Nights 1:29

A Whole New World 5:40

Friend Like Me 2:11

One Jump Ahead 1:56

Prince Ali 3:14

Alice au pays des merveilles

Alice In Wonderland 1:21

All In The Golden Afternoon 1:34

How Do You Do And Shake Hands 0:08

I'm Late 1:09

March Of The Cards 2:28

The Caterpillar Song 0:38

The Caucus Race 0:43

The Unbirthday Song 2:37

Very Good Advice 2:16


I Bring You A Song 1:55

Little April Shower 0:47

Love Is A Song 1:00

Blanche Neige et les sept nains

Heigh Ho 1:12

I'm Wishing 1:19

Someday My Prince Will Come 2:10

One Song 1:03

The Dwarfs Song 0:42

The Washing Song 1:22

Whistle While You Work 2:10


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes 3:25

Bippity Boppity Boo 1:03

So This Is Love 1:34

The Work Song 0:44

Dumbo, l'Eléphant Volant

Baby Mine 3:03

Casey Jr. 0:43

Circus Music 2:16

Pink Elephants On Parade 1:20

When I See An Elephant Fly 1:06

La Belle au Bois Dormant

I wonder 2:16

Once Upon A Dream 1:48

La Belle et la Bête

Belle 2:38

Be Our Guest 1:49

Gaston 2:30

Prolog 6:00

The Mob Song 1:05

La Belle et le Clochard

Bella Notte 1:47

The Siamese Cat Song 1:56

La Légende du bout du Monde

An Innocent Warrior 1:31

How Far I'll Go 2:35

I Am Moana 2:34

Shiny 2:45

We Know The Way 1:45

Where You Are 3:12

You're Welcome 2:34

La petite Sirène

Fathoms Below 1:41

Kiss The Girl 2:57

Little Mermaid Melody 3:16

Part Of Your World 1:28

Poor Unfortunate Souls 3:47

Under The Sea 3:10

La Reine des Neiges

Do You Want To Build A Snowman 0:58

Fixer Upper 1:00

For The First Time In Forever 0:43

In Summer 0:58

Let It Go 3:37

Love Is An Open Door 0:44

Sorcery 5:42


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